My ortho is a fine, fine man, but I'm SO glad I never have to see him again 😎
  1. Salads
    Having braces was a good way to avoid eating greens since they got all up in my biz, but I honestly started to miss being responsible with my nutrition. No more "saving this for later" spinach in my braces!!! Salata, here I come!!
  2. Twizzlers
    I have not eaten one since Jan 6, 2013 and they are my FAVORITE candies. I usually just ate whatever I wanted (in regards to gummies) with my braces, but I seriously could NOT eat Twizzlers in peace. My body is ready. (And to hell with red vines!)
  3. Apples
    Yeah, I usually sliced them and ate them that way, but I SO missed biting into a juicy honeycrisp on my way out of the house. Things are so much more complicated when you have have to slice them :( (ex: strawberries, bread, cheese)
  4. Meat
    Self explanatory. Meat is hard to eat with braces.
  5. Popcorn
    NO ONE should have to live in fear of breaking a bracket off because of a kernel. NO ONE.
  6. But braces were so worth it. Look at how cute I am! :) God bless.
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