For over 80 years UCLA students have been taking urban youth from Los Angeles up to summer camp! Check us out on Giving Tuesday @list 😊
  1. UCLA UniCamp is run by student volunteers.
    On top of class, studying, work, and college life in general over 600 students volunteer over 100 hours to get trained to be counselors. Plus we volunteer a week of their summer to be up at camp! Did I mention that we each fundraise at least $400 too?
  2. Our campers are some of the most amazing kids in the world!
    We serve students ages 10-17 who live in the Los Angeles area and qualify for free and reduced lunch. Stats aside, these kids are strong, loving, kind, smart, and oh so hilarious! They inspire me constantly.
  3. Camp is a new experience for city kids.
    One of my favorite parts of camp is the fact that we take kids out of the city for a week and take them to what I consider my favorite place in the world, Camp River Glen! Located in the San Bernardino wilderness, our campsite has a little river running along it and is surrounded by huge mountains and trees. It truly is home away from home.
  4. You can be whoever you want to be at camp!
    We use camp names because up at camp you can shed any worries or insecurities you have down the mountain and be whoever you want to be! The story goes, a camper once picked his camp name to be Smart because no one had ever called him that at home before.
  5. Camp is fun!
    We've got an alpine tower to climb, mountain biking, dance rotation, arts and crafts, swimming, archery, fishing, hiking, science rotation, and so much more!
  6. Camp is so much more than just a vacation in the mountains.
    Through outcome based programming, team building activities, leadership opportunities, and "challenge by choice" activities, the campers grow into families and leaders over the course of just a week.
  7. We're connected to the LA community.
    In addition to being the official charity of UCLA students, we've partnered with many organizations across LA to target specific needs in our community. Some of our partners include the Children's Hospital of LA, the UCLA Community School, Project Grad, The Village Nation, Boys and Girls Club, and Dana Middle School.
  8. Camp is expensive but...
    The average cost to send a kid to sleep away camp for a week with all meals and activities provided is well over $600. We ask our campers to pay $99, if anything! Many of our campers are on scholarships subsidized by student fundraising, grants and donors like you!
  9. Check us out at unicamp.org
  10. If you're interested in donating...
    The link to the page tracking my personal fundraising goal is: ww.giveffect.com/participants/6829-darlene-tieu If you would like to donate something other than money please email dtieu@unicamp.org. Thanks for your interest!