LDS Church Leaders if they went by their other first/middle name

Because it's easy to confuse Russell M and M Russell.
  1. T. Spencer Monson
  2. H. Bennion Eyring
  3. D. Friedrich Uchtdorf
  4. R. Marion Nelson
  5. D. Harris Oaks
  6. Melvin R. Ballard
  7. R. Dean Hales
  8. J. Roy Holland
  9. D Allan Bednar
  10. Q. LaMar Cook
  11. David T. Christofferson
  12. N. Linden Andersen
  13. R. Anderson Rasband
  14. G. Evan Stevenson
  15. D. Gunnar Renlund
  16. And some who have passed away in my memory:
  17. N. Ash Maxwell
  18. D. Bruce Haight
  19. J. Esdras Faust
  20. G. Bitner Hinckley
  21. J. Bitner Wirthlin
  22. Lowell T. Perry
  23. B. Kenneth Packer
  24. R. Gordon Scott