1. Wow, this @dfly guy is really hilarious.
  2. Of course I'll like that post.
  3. And that one too.
  4. Okay, this one was funnier than the first two, but you can't like ALL of his posts.
  5. He probably sees all the notifications from you and thinks you are a creeper.
  6. You are a creeper, but still.
  7. He gets plenty of notifications, and he doesn't care about you.
  8. But I want him to know how funny I think he is.
  9. I should like that one.
  10. Should I make him a tribute list?
  11. No, that's weird, and probably unoriginal.
  12. What if I made a tribute/parody?
  13. What, like a "Thoughts of..." style list?
  14. You're such a hack, Steve. Stop that.
  15. Now you're blatantly copying his style!
  16. Your name isn't Steve, David.
  17. Why are you the way that you are.
  18. Be original.
  19. You can't just always emulate others.
  20. I know that one college professor told you that the best writers steal from others.
  21. Maybe he said "borrow".
  22. Point is, it doesn't apply in this case.
  23. But... doesn't it?
  24. Maybe I should write a tribute/parody list for him.
  25. Maybe then @dfly will notice me.