I make a lot of references in casual conversation. This is a list of the movies and television shows that you should be acquainted with in order to gain full entertainment value out of a conversation with me. Check back regularly for updates.
  1. The West Wing
    Can't stress this one enough. Even the post-Sorkin seasons. I drink from the keg of glory.
  2. The X-Files (series)
    Mostly just until Mulder disappeared, got a bit spotty after that.
  3. The X-Files: Fight the Future
    In my world the second movie never happened.
  4. The Godfather
    Yes, even part 3. Take the cannolis.
  5. The Big Lebowski
    Her life is in your hands
  6. A Bronx Tale
  7. The Sopranos
  8. Star Wars
    Really just the originals. Han shot first.
  9. The Newsroom
  10. The Usual Suspects
  11. War Games
    Number of players zero
  12. Rocky IV
    Whatever he hits, he destroys
  13. Red Dawn
    The original Swayzelicious version
  14. Short Circuit
    Disassemble! Dead!
  15. Super Troopers
    I don't want a large Farva
  16. Fight Club
    Never your dildo