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Feel good list time!
  1. People who've lost a ton of weight
  2. People complimenting other people
  3. Travel vlogs
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  1. I'm being nice
  2. That doesn't mean I'm hitting on you
  3. Please stop assuming I am
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Wasn't even my fault but I've been having a sad week so I cried too much
  1. The guy who hit me
  2. The cop who filed the incident report
  3. My insurance agent over the phone and in person
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Go find them on streaming services and please watch them. Pleaaaseeeee 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
  1. Happy Endings
    This show can't be put into words. It is everything you love about every sitcom you've ever watched plus the wittiest writing plus physical comedy plus the perfect storm of actors. IT IS EVERYTHING AND IT GOT SCREWED BY ABC!
  2. Benched
    Eliza Coupe is a queen and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. Also Jay Harrington who will make an appearance later in this list, Oscar Nunez, and so many more. This show was on the wrong network when it aired and could have lasted for a long time. It was murdered by USA after 1 smart and wonderful season.
  3. Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23
    My god this show was incredible. Nanatchkha Khan made it and now makes Fresh Off the Boat which I also love but JUST ISN'T THE SAME. Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker were amazing but JAMES VAN DER BEEK playing HIMSELF was genius and so fucking funny.
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  1. Celebrities who go to too many fun events
    Not the WHCD, MTV movie awards, Marvel movie premieres, fancy dinner parties on the beach, young influential people parties. I want to be on all of the guest lists PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
  2. People who only post selfies
    Mostly coworkers, some celebrities who have like 6 photo shoots a week every week?(looking at you Tracee Ellis Ross, still love you tho), some friends who I love dearly but need to CUT IT OUT
  3. Beauty "Gurus"/influencers
    I spend too much money on makeup because of these women. They all get their outfits from the same 6 places and their makeup for free and why do I even bother? Oh wait it's because they're gorgeous and near-perfect. 🙄
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  1. A woman grabbing my hair and sniffing it, deeply, after I told her how the mousse I use smells really nice.
  2. My coworker yelling "SECURITY TO ZONE THREE" over the store PA system (we don't have a zone three, or any zones for that matter) and me faking that I am said security and sprinting to a location where a girl was shoving stuff into her sleeves
  3. A terrible dye job that I told the girl was "goals" and "amazing" because I'm an asshole
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  1. I am a manager at an Ulta Beauty and I closed tonight, locked the doors and went on my merry way.
  2. Then I get a call two hours later saying the security alarm went off for the front doors (INTRUDER ALERT INTRUDER ALERT)
  3. Police are dispatched immediately and my boss is in contact with the police
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  1. In one week I will have the sweet sweet relief of the now upcoming days behind me.
  2. I'll be drinking beer
    All of it. Plus whiskey.
  3. I will be laughing with my dope friends
    S/o to @poweronyourvcr, the best past and future host of all time with a new Kitchenaid mixer and a love of baking.
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  1. Initial shock
    "Wait, what?! That's crazy, I legitimately had no idea. Does everyone else know? Is it super obvious?"
  2. Confusion
    "But...I don't have any beef with that person? I've never done anything mean to her?"
  3. Self-blame
    "Did I do something mean to her? I must have. I must have pissed her off cause I have a big mouth and sometimes I get friendly with people too quickly. Sometimes I'm too loud and I try to be funny and people hate that. I need to tone it down."
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  1. 3 years later. THREE. Wtf???
  2. Yes, I was late night stalking...stop judging me!
    Twitter feeds are actual landmines of accidental favoriting or following 😳
  3. It's nbd since we haven't talked in years and he's married now
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