Apps to help with New Years resolutions

Helpful apps please! I need them all!
  1. MyFitnessPal
    The titan of diet apps. Log everything and then cry and start over again the next day.
  2. List app
    One of the best creative outlets with the least visibility of my judgy coworkers and people I knew in high school.
  3. Podcasts
    Download more, listen to more, absorb more!
  4. Poshmark
    Sell the stuff you're not using! Declutter your life!!!
  5. Breathe
    Cuz mindfulness.
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  6. Streaks
    Make a habit of anything!
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth
  7. Mario Run
    Cuz a little Mario a day keeps anxiety at bay.
    Suggested by   @PeteOnEarth