I don't claim to know everything about cooking but these are the mistakes I see the most often. This knowledge is a combo of experience and things I've learned from watching too many Food Network shows and bad Buzzfeed gifs.
  1. Not cooking corn tortillas
    You can't just "warm up" corn tortillas for 5 seconds in a microwave. Traditionally in Mexico, corn tortillas always have some kind of secondary heat applied to them before eating. In the case of enchiladas, they're lightly fried. In the case of tacos, you have to put a char on them. Whether it's in a skillet or straight on the fire, you have to cook them enough that they don't fall apart or taste grainy!!!
  2. Not seasoning pasta water
    One or two teaspoons of salt goes SUCH a long way in flavoring your pasta dish. Please don't skip this! No, salt in the sauce instead doesn't taste the same.
  3. Not using cold ingredients to make biscuits
    Is your biscuit tasting gummy or too cake-like? Did you use room temp butter? Did you mix it to the brink of death? DO LESS. Cold cubed butter(or frozen butter grated using a cheese grater, thx Food Network!), cold buttermilk, light mixing, and some time in the fridge (post-cutting, pre-oven) will guarantee you fluffy delicious biscuits every time.
  4. Not cutting uniformly
    Biting into a slightly raw potato is the worst thing on the planet. Having a system of halving and quartering and slicing is an easy way to ensure that all of your veg and meats are uniform. Unless you specifically want some pieces to be cooked less than other pieces (for something like a fruit jam), cut with vigilance!
  5. Overcooking scrambled eggs.
    I'm guilty of this one! Eggs retain heat and cook so fast that even if you take them off the stove and plate them at what you consider the perfect time, the texture could go wrong in 30 seconds. Account for carry over cooking time and avoid rubbery eggs! Yaaaay!
  6. Using too much cheese
    Yes, I know...this is terrible and there's no such thing as too much cheese, except there is. Too much cheese in a grilled cheese for example, creates a grease bomb that is not melty and is just stringy and rubbery. Too much cheese in a cheese sauce makes it grainy and sad. Too much cheese in pizza makes you want to throw up. It is a sad reality...but on the plus side, more cheese for later!
  7. Forgetting acidity
    So many recipes, from soups to pasta dishes to salad dressings to sauces, fall flat. You taste it and it tastes good, but distinctly underwhelming. That missing flavor is usually some type of acid. Imagine a hollandaise without lemon juice, or French onion soup without sherry vinegar? Acidity deepens the flavor profiles of some of our favorite dishes, and it's a crime when it's forgotten.