I follow too many of these types of people (Instagram Edition)

  1. Celebrities who go to too many fun events
    Not the WHCD, MTV movie awards, Marvel movie premieres, fancy dinner parties on the beach, young influential people parties. I want to be on all of the guest lists PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
  2. People who only post selfies
    Mostly coworkers, some celebrities who have like 6 photo shoots a week every week?(looking at you Tracee Ellis Ross, still love you tho), some friends who I love dearly but need to CUT IT OUT
  3. Beauty "Gurus"/influencers
    I spend too much money on makeup because of these women. They all get their outfits from the same 6 places and their makeup for free and why do I even bother? Oh wait it's because they're gorgeous and near-perfect. 🙄
  4. Landscape photographers
    I mean how many photos of the dunes outside Dubai or Horseshoe Bend can I possibly like? Oh you went to see the northern lights and took a long exposure shot? Neat!
  5. People from high school
    They're fine, they're just boring and have babies and are in stable relationships and don't go to movies alone and probably aren't internet stalking you as hard as you internet stalk them. Still just as judgey tho 👀
  6. My best friends who don't post enough
    My friends do so many cool things and go to amazing/fun places like Bali and Hawaii and Coachella and will post one vague photo of a bird on a lamp post or a photo of their new friends (psh what jealousy?) and I'm just like GIVE ME ALL THE PHOTOS!! Plus now IG lets you condense pictures so you're only posting once! THE FOMO IS REAL GUYS.