1. I have been lusting after this strawberry chocolate tart recipe ever since I discovered it.
  2. Oreo crust? Ganache filling? Strawberry and nuts as toppings? Literally there is nothing bad about any of that stuff. Nothing.
  3. The production value of the video is so good!
  4. Bought all the goodies over a span of 3 days
    Work gets in the way of my baking life.
  5. Knocked out the Oreo Crust this afternoon
    Used a springform pan because I'm a peasant and I don't have an actual tart pan.
  6. Napped for 4 hours because I live my life through a series of regrets (and it's a holiday ok? tysm)
    See former list about things I do that make me feel shitty, but do anyways.
  7. Made the ganache with possibly too much cream (I've never made ganache before!)
    This thing could become a hot mess. Who knows? But it'll still be delish.
  8. Added chopped Hawaiian macadamia nut pieces, and halved strawberries in a very amateur and okay-looking pattern
    And then took about 5 photos for Snapchat. Yaaaassss!
  9. Now we play the waiting game....
    In the fridge overnight to set. I am so excited! This is the first tart I've ever made, even though I watch cooking videos and read blogs like it's my job (can it be though?). Should I update later with the results? Let me know!