In one week

  1. In one week I will have the sweet sweet relief of the now upcoming days behind me.
  2. I'll be drinking beer
    All of it. Plus whiskey.
  3. I will be laughing with my dope friends
    S/o to @poweronyourvcr, the best past and future host of all time with a new Kitchenaid mixer and a love of baking.
  4. I will be in the South where most of the people are nice as long as you talk to them about how all live music is great and accept their 'bless your hearts' at face value even though you know what they really mean
    Britney always coming through with the perfect gif
  5. I will name drop country musicians to hot Southern men so I can pretend like they are impressed by my minimal and easily searchable knowledge.
    [Insert relevant newcomer name here] totally deserves his/her new found fame! Have you heard Kacey's Christmas album?! It's amazing! Brad Paisley is a Mountaineer fan!
  6. I will eat biscuits and grilled cheese and other things that are terrible for my already terrible physique, only I will justify them with 'vacation' like any other self respecting human being.
    I'm Indian but close enough 💀
  7. And so much more
    ! 😬