Yes I used telly...not sure it's grammatically correct but whatever. Most of these will be found on Netflix.
  1. IT Crowd
    Chris O'Dowd, Richard Ayoade, and Katherine Parkinson are the IT department for a conglomerate, attempting to do as little work as possible. Not currently on Netflix unfortunately.
  2. Peaky Blinders
    Available on Netflix and based on the real life gang who sewed razor blades into their caps so they could slice their enemies, this Cillian Murphy-led drama is beautiful to look at and has a killer soundtrack. Stick around long enough and you'll meet Alfie Solomons, who is cast perfectly. I recommend subtitles for this one, that authentic Birmingham accent doesn't always come through as clearly as you'd hope.
  3. Black Mirror
    Each episode is set in a different timeline but all reflect and comment on a future world where society's relationship with technology has evolved. Black Mirror makes you question the decisions you'd make, faced with the same choices as the main characters. Watch in any order, also available on Netflix. Personal favorites include White Bear and White Christmas.
  4. The Graham Norton Show
    The best talk show in all of entertainment.
  5. Broadchurch
    A seaside town is shocked when a 12 year old boy is discovered to have jumped off a cliff and his body is found. Two detectives must wade through the mysterious actions of a town full of deceitful people and misinformation to discover what really happened the night the boy died. Starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman, also on Netflix. Beautiful cinematography and writing that leaves you guessing until the very end.
  6. Sherlock
    Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson, respectively. Set in modern times and helmed by Mark Gatiss, creator of Doctor Who. A wonderful supporting cast takes this show to otherworldly levels. What more do you need to know, really?
  7. The Great British Bake Off
    Mary Berry and the male judge are wonderful, as are the hosts. The contestants are so British and polite, and so much of what makes American cooking competitions terrible is avoided entirely. Also a wonderful introduction to pastries you haven't heard of before!
  8. The Big Fat Quiz
    Quiz show on pop culture and recent events, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Contributors regularly include Richard Ayoade, Jack Whitehall, Jonathan Ross, and Noel Fielding. Quiz of the Year for each year and some specialties such as Quiz of Everything and Quiz of the Noughties (00's). Warning: host has an extremely weird but endearing laugh.