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  1. Happy Endings
    This will always be No. 1.
  2. Selfie
    John Cho might be one of my favorite comedic actors ever. Karen Gillan is the angry sister from Guardians of the Galaxy! Talk about range!
  3. Better Off Ted
    This show is extremely low risk. It's on Netflix, Jay Harrington is great, and once you meet Phil and Lem, no other science-y duo in all of television will compare.
  4. Benched
    ELIZA COUPE IS SO UNDERRATED. 3 of her most notable shows have all struggled and been cancelled, and no, it's not because of her. She is a beautiful mermaid.
  5. A to Z
    Cristin Millioti and Ben Feldman!!! So much potential so much. Also a wonderful supporting cast. And I want Rashida Jones to succeed!