I will defend seasons 8 and 9 to the death. Also these are in no particular order. There are more than are listed here, so many more.
  1. Laverne's Pies and Tires Fixed Also
    WORK BUS and Dwight thinking he's infertile and having a touching moment with Jim on the roof and almost killing everyone in a heroic attempt to get to the pie stand before 5pm.
  2. Asian Jim
    One of the most memorable and hilarious cold opens and everyone forgets it's from the later seasons! Randall Park is perfect.
  3. Dwight's Radio Interview
    Nellie's fantastic American accent, Dwight in his underwear in the break room calling David Wallace and begging him to let go of the hostage mailman. Classic.
  4. 5,000 points
    Andy tries to incentivize the office by saying he will get a tattoo if they make enough sales. Him fully dropping his pants in the tattoo parlor and the nard dog are both so great.
  5. Darryl getting drunk off Gluhwein
    And falling on the entire table of food and eggnog at the Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas Party.
  6. Erin as a live-in helper
    "What type of tea is this?" "Oh I boiled some Gatorade."
  7. Dwight trying to bicycle on a tightrope and asking Pam to be the balancing weight
    Great voiceover, great ending to the episode. Also this episode introduces Plop and Dwight Jr., HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE IT?
  8. Plop inviting Erin to Poor Richard's after Andy bails on her to sail to the Bahamas
  9. Dwight and Angela asking Toby about gay sex
    "How do they know which penis will open to accept the other's penis?"
  10. Kevin almost telling Angela about Oscar and the Senator.
    Every interaction, solid gold. "I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM."
  11. Robert California's Pool Party
    Ryan and Gabe skinny dipping with him in the pool, so uncomfortable and classic.
  12. Kelly Kapoor thinking she's moving to Miami when she's actually moving to Ohio
    And throwing her puffy coats on everyone in the office.
  13. Dwight and Angela's Race
    Dwight steal's one of the diapers from his suspected kid, races to a paternity testing facility, and has Mose double as himself with an identical car. GENIUS.