Subcategories I have for my beauty products while organizing

I have way too much stuff (but it's all tiny and sample sized!)
  1. Makeup I should try to use at least once
    I have a problem and I'm aware of it at least? This category is too big to completely break down.
  2. Eye creams with SPF 30+
    Eye creams without SPF? GARBAGE!
  3. Cleansers with Alpha hydroxy acids
    vs. cleansers with Beta hydroxy acids
  4. Styling lotion and styling mousse
    If you don't know the difference, stay out of my life!
  5. Sleeping packs vs nighttime moisturizers
    The battle of the century.
  6. Satin or matte lipsticks, in liquid or bullet form.
    That's 4 categories alone. We won't delve deeper here.
  7. Mascaras with rubberized wand and precision tip
  8. Free fragrance samples
    Use these up when going to work or hanging out with people you don't care about. Use the good stuff every other time. 💯
  9. Help.