Sorry, had to make that distinction. Also these are all very basic girl things 😎🤗😘
  1. Changing from dress pants to sweatpants
    Extra points for taking your bra and makeup off
  2. When your brunch order finally gets to your table
    Okay, this one is mildly sexual
  3. Seeing 'Delivered' on a tracking page.
  4. Scratching an itch on your foot (specifically)
  5. Having perfectly manicured nails
    Usually for a maximum of 3 days only because nothing in the world is fair
  6. Peeing when you really need to pee.
    Like that life or death pee where you're already thinking about the consequences of peeing yourself.
  7. Opening and using fun new things you've just bought
    Clothes, industrial power tools, makeup, anything and EVERYTHING.
  8. Pizza and Coke
  9. The way your hair feels after a haircut
    We can never judge celebrities for flying their hair stylists all over the world.