Things I did today, my birthday!

I turned 27 today. It was quite unexceptional but I like it that way.
  1. Slept until 9, the ultimate luxury
    Jet lag was taking a toll, finally slept and woke up at normal-ish hours!! (Thanks, body)
  2. Helped my mom make my birthday lunch
    Tomato soup and frankies (spiced potato and veggie wraps). I'M SPOILED, I KNOW!
  3. Went to see Rogue One with one of my besties!
    It was so good. That end scene with [redacted] literally gave me goosebumps. Ugh.
  4. Had severe anxiety about driving in the snow
    Literally almost drove over a cliff...💀
  5. Went grocery shopping for ingredients for beignets
    What New Years resolution?
  6. Came home and watched Indian awards shows with my parents
    I don't understand the jokes helpppp
  7. Ordered Pizza Hut
    HUT BREADSTICKS FOR THE WIN!! Also pizza for a birthday dinner makes me feel like a kid again.
  8. Appreciated my friends and family
    I always get so much undeserved love on my bday. They are all fantastic and @poweronyourvcr's Instagram post actually had me in tears
  9. I'll probably watch a movie on Netflix while eating the mini cheesecake Anna bought me
    🎶The most gluttonous day of the year 🎶
  10. Gonna finish off the night reading "You'll Grow Out Of It" by Jessi Klein.
    I'm only 4 chapters in but I'm obsessed so far. Another woman added to the long list of people I want to be friends with but never will be.
  11. Happy January 5th everyone!!!