Things I have been accused of doing solely for men

  1. Makeup
    Yeah I want to put 5 lbs of 'Gilded Honey' highlight on for you, random guy at the bar, and not so I can feel like a chubby but just as powerful version of Xena Warrior Princess.
  2. Being interested in sports
    God forbid I show interest in or express knowledge of a topic, right? Especially football or baseball, cause it's soooo obscure in the US!!! 😒
  3. Being nice
    Yeah I've actually been accused of only being nice to someone because I want to create a false impression. Clearly I'm just always a horrible wench otherwise. 🤷🏽‍♀️SORRY BOUT IT
  4. Liking comic book TV shows
    The fact that I have to explain why I like something that is mainstream is some real BS. Especially cause 40something nerds who can afford and have first editions of DC and Marvel are not exactly in my dating pool.
  5. Gambling
    Free alcohol while playing card games? Yeah that could never be appealing to women!!! We're too busy handing out our hooker flyers on the Strip to win $120 in 15 minutes at roulette at the Aria. And yes I will blow on your dice at the craps table if you split your winnings with me. Yes I know basic strategy and not to take the insurance, and no I won't 'follow your bets' when you've lost all your money on 00.