Things I'm Thankful Were Not Around When I Was In High School

High school was bad enough on it's own without these things. Yes these all make me sound old and grumpy 👵🏽👵🏽👵🏽.
  1. Snapchat
    Things it would have been full of: stories of Smirnoff Ice and Mike's Hard Lemonade, complaining/rants about parents, and video snaps of people driving 80mph on windy country roads. Nope, nope, nope.
  2. Promposals
    Isn't it bad enough to not get asked at all? Now we have to add grandeur and spectacle to those that do get asked? PASS!!
  3. Instagram
    Luckily I only have one super cringeworthy social media page to look back on, and that's Facebook. Having Instagram back then would have made it much worse. (also Twitter, which I didn't discover until college)
  4. Smartphones (as widely available and high tech as today)
    People couldn't google everything right away and we could actually have fun debates about stuff and then later figure out who was right and wrong.
  5. Netflix
    Let's be real I would have had zero friends and I would have spent my weekends with Netflix like I do now.
  6. YouTube Beauty tutorials
    I didn't know how to put on mascara until senior year, and my eyebrows didn't get groomed for the first time until literally the day before prom...but it didn't matter because no one else cared (save for the girls who told me I had caterpillar eyebrows, whatever)! There was no pressure to wear makeup, and I definitely would have felt a ton if YouTube beauty channels were around.