1. Learn jazz piano
    "It's conflict and it's compromise, and it's very very exciting!"
  2. Dance
    I mean, it just looks so damn fun.
  3. Create
    I wanna write a short story or a spec script or a FULL LENGTH FEATURE I DON'T KNOW OK? This list will have to do for now.
  4. Listen to the soundtrack over and over
    Planetarium is so good and so whimsical and bold and fun and stirring. It's all wonderful though.
  5. Go to LA
    Yes I've been before, twice. But still, maybe when my perspective changes, it'll give me a new experience, no? Worth a try.
  6. Smile more
    That ending is so much and so powerful.
  7. Also, side note...this quote from the @nytimes review of the movie is insane and real:
    'A cynical but not inaccurate way to put this would be to describe it as a careerist movie about careerism. But that would be to slight Mr. Chazelle’s real and uncomfortable insight, which is that the drive for professional success is, for young people at the present time, both more realistic and more romantic than the pursuit of boy-meets-girl happily-ever-after. Love is contingent. Art is commitment.'