Specifically makeup for me but applies to so much
  1. Do you have any coupons?
    No ma'am, as someone who wants to save money it's actually YOUR JOB to find coupons.
  2. Can you check for more in the back?
    The back of the store is not Narnia. Also you are the 8th person to ask me today if we have more of the sold out product. No, we do not.
  3. Do you know when you'll be getting more?
    Yes, because I am the omniscient god of retail and knower of all things.
  4. I don't know the name of it...but I know it was a pink lipstick...can you show me where it is?
    Yes let me find exactly what you need with absolutely no useful information.
  5. Can I return all this? I didn't like the color, finish, formula, or literally anything about it.
    So why did you spend $200 on it all when we have testers and we literally will PUT IT ON YOUR FACE FOR YOU? And now I have to destroy all of this because of janky dumpster divers when you used it one time, cool.
  6. Why is all of your product so expensive?
    I am a beauty associate in West Virginia, I have no idea how pricing for Urban Decay works. Also I get 25% off so it doesn't sting as much for me, sorryyyyy. 💁🏽.
  7. Do you know if [cheap product] is as good as [expensive product]
    How could I possibly.......well actually yeah I do because I watch way too many beauty YouTube videos and stalk beauty Instagrams.