I don't know them but GOD I WANT TO. Not your typical 'squad goals'.
  1. Kristen Schaal
    So unbelievably funny. How does one be that funny without having to try at all? She was perfect in 30 Rock and she absolutely KILLS IT in 'Last Man on Earth'.
  2. Alison Adler
    Former EP on 'Chuck' and 'Glee', current EP on Supergirl...I feel like there's no way she doesn't kick ass.
  3. Krysten Ritter
    Not as obscure but I feel like no one thinks of her as the "I wanna be her friend" type. Her Instagram is the happiest place on the planet and I'm convinced her character from Don't Trust the B rubbed off at least a little...😉. Also she's Marvel's first leading woman, which is crazy and the best.
  4. Tracee Ellis Ross
    If you're not watching Blackish because of some preconceived notion you have about black TV, please ignore it AND WATCH! Tracee Ellis Ross is amazing and so incredibly funny as Bo (full name Rainbow...lolol) and she also looks so incredibly happy and fun on red carpets every time I see her. I feel like we would get along SO well.
  5. January Jones
    Her Insta hashtag game is on point. She's beautiful and her voice is soothing and I am loving her career outside of 'Mad Men' even though Emma Frost was...interesting.
  6. Tracy Wigfield
    She wrote for 30 Rock. SHE WROTE FOR 30 ROCK! She also looks adorable all the time and seems next-level chill. Also she writes for the Mindy Project...not that that matters to me 😬
  7. Allison Jones
    One of the most amazing casting directors in all of Hollywood. The Office, B-99, Veep, Bridesmaids, Parks and Rec, and on and on and on. She might be mean as hell or the nicest person ever but who cares? She's brilliant.
  8. Constance Wu
    Fresh off the Boat. She is ridiculously funny on it, and completely underrated.
  9. Eliza Coupe
    She would force me to eat healthy things and exercise and wake up at 4AM. Her Nerdist podcast episode is surprisingly deep and she has been in THREE of my favorite, canceled-too-early sitcoms. She is one of the funniest women on the planet. She's just cool as fuck basically.