Bucket list items, please add your own, I'm so curious where people want to travel!! This isn't it for me, but the first couple that came to mind!
  1. VEGAS!
    I would pay for all of my friends to go, and we'd stay in a presidential suite in some fancy ass hotel with a private elevator and a butler and stuff. I would plan to bring someone back to my room and make out on the pool table in the suite because I'm trash. Also I'd actually go see a Cirque show...probably Beatles or O. I would also spend any and all free time at the high roller tables, gambling with Ben Affleck, probably.
  2. South Korea
    One of my best friends is from there and I'd have to go with her so she can translate for me and ask small hole in the wall restaurants if they have any vegan options.
  3. Spain
    Hot Spanish men!! Also hundreds of years of European history and architecture and culture is fascinating...and they like to party.
  4. Italy
  5. Iceland
    It looks sooo incredibly beautiful. If watching the Secret Life of Walter Mitty didn't make you want to travel there you are crazy. And now I can pronounce Reykjavik thanks to some random commercial on TV!
  6. South Africa
    To watch rugby mostly! It would be amazing to go to a rugby game with a packed stadium of crazy fans!
  7. New Zealand
    I mean...Victoria Falls, the All-Blacks, and the terrifying wildlife? This one would be a crazy adventure
  8. Tahiti
  9. Hawaii
    There is an 11 mile hike on Kauai called the Kalalau trail that ends in the Na' Pali Cliffs and it is supposed to be one of the hardest hikes in the world. I'd obviously prepare, but I totally would love to try it. (Can you tell this is me being optimistic?)
  10. Paris
    Everyone is mean but who cares when you're eating a freshly made croissant or a perfectly crafted macaron? Also the Louvre or any smaller art museums would be amazing to visit. Also maybe I'll be dating someone at the time and it will be all romantic or whatever! (But probably not)
  11. Costa Rica!
    I would rent a beach house through Molly and invite everyone and we would hike volcanos and fish on rock beaches and see the rainforest and eat all the weird fruits and play with Maya and meet Molly's boyfriend and watch the turtles hatch.
    Suggested by @poweronyourvcr