What I did on my day off!

Hint: not a lot
  1. Watched Moana
    Visually stunning and the songs were powerful and yet classic Disney. I ugly cried during every scene with her 'Gramma'. Also Heihei and Pua = ❤❤❤
  2. Brushed my hair
    It took 10 minutes to get the knots out and no wonder my mom didn't give an F when I was a kid cause who would do that willingly? Also @poweronyourvcr and I are now in the same "my hair forms dreads" club.
  3. Made enchiladas
    Black bean enchiladas with green peppers, onions, corn, and cheddar. Sort of a meal prep for work but also I wanted cozy food for the storm day!
  4. Used a sheet mask while painting my nails
    Home mini spa experiences make me feel less poor but also more poor simultaneously, it's amazing!
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