I am currently fluent in English and German, Good in French, OK-ish in Spanish and an enthusiastic beginner in Welsh. I've also studied Italian, Russian and Latin in the past.
  1. Confident Speaking and Writing in Welsh
    Including singing and maybe recording a song in the language, focusing on Welsh language street signs when I'm there, speaking the language on the phone without freaking out.
  2. Dabbling in Icelandic
    I don't need to be fluent here but want to explore a little
  3. Reviving my Spanish
    I studied Spanish 10 years ago and was confident quite quickly, but my course was about business language mostly. Spanish is a great travel language, so I'd love to speak it on a trip around South America.
  4. Dabbling in a few more minority/indigenous languages
    Welsh learning is super enjoyable, what else is out there? Navajo, Maori, Gaílge?
  5. Master a Sign Language
    "Master"..means I can switch into and out of this language easily, the way I do between German and English now. I'm thinking BSL. This is almost a duty for a language learner.
  6. (Free space for whatever I fancy)
    Interests: Korean, Danish, Chinese