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If more people were lazy AF and stayed home to watch tv we would be a better human race. Yes I've watched Wall-E. Sure we were lazy bastards. But we were cozy.
  1. Friday Night Lights. This show is not about football. It's about America and it's amaze. #TexasForever. Also Tim bloody Riggins.
  2. Parenthood. It's by the same people as FNL, so obviously it's gonna be awesome. Nothing could bring on the tears like an evening with the Bravermans - the family this show is based off. It brings a whole new meaning to #squadgoals.
  3. The Walking Dead. Of course this is on my list - it's bloody amazing. And of course we know it's not a zombie show. The only issue I have with the program is the people oṭ chooses to kill off. Or planning to kill off. Ahem Glenn.
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I don't think I really want to win the lottery. I mean have you all heard of the Curse. Broke and miserable. No thanks. But if I did, I would spend my money on the following.
  1. Teleportation research and technology. It's 2015. Why haven't we figured out teleportation. I strongly believe if I could teleport I would never be late again.
  2. Donate the rest to super important causes. Like education and planned parenthood. And NPR.
@thelistapp will this help with the stages of denial/depression for when your fave character might be killed off your fave tv show, #TheWalkingDead?
  1. Why is it that every one that holds onto their morality, such as Tyrese, Noah, Beth - HERSCHEL - have to die? TWD world needs more people like Glenn. And less people like Nicholas. The Governor was fine because he was hot and added a great story arc.
  2. Ok so fine obviously we aren't all going to become doctors by studying human anatomy on TWD. But there needs to be some sort of accuracy - you can't have intestinal guts being ripped out from what looks like Glenn's throat region.
  3. Maggie. Every single person in this woman's family has died tragically. Also everyone has died within the last 8 months. Can we give her someone to live for? At least for a few years. Yea I get its the apocalypse and this is what happens. But come on, just a few years.
  4. Glenn has survived for so long. I mean he walked into a horde, doused himself with walker guts, walked really slowly, and survived. Him dying through someone else cowardice is not the way for one of the originals to die. Just no. Have some fucking respect.
"Random". Ok most of them were. A few weren't.
  1. 1. My sister with a rando dog. Just kidding he is ours.
  2. 2. I really have no idea when this was taken. Obvi I am super cool for taking a unicorn pix. Or an epic nerd. Let's go with option 1.
  3. 3. My bestie at her sister's graduation. She is the coolest girl I know.
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