Halloween and theme parties are super stressful but also super fun.
  1. Zombie hippy
    When I was in high school in the 90's, I found a pair of my mom's old bell bottoms and my father's army jacket and wore those as a zombie hippy to symbolize that those times were dead (but fashion always comes back around, right?).
  2. Zombie Amy Winehouse
    It might have been too soon and hopefully not too much in poor taste, but it was more of a tribute to her because I just couldn't accept that we would never have new music from her. I had tried it a few years before they started selling the wigs, but couldn't get the hair right.
  3. Run DMC
    Adidas included!
  4. Death Eater
    My daughter and I are both big HP fans so one year she was Hermione and I was a death eater.
  5. Snape's Patronus
    A doe. After all this time? Always.
  6. A Lichtenstein
    Comic pop art
  7. Amanda Bynes
    It was too good to pass up.
  8. Cheshire Cat
    The young'un DIYed herself a Mad Hatter
  9. Rosie the Riveter
    We can do it!
  10. Smile now Cry later
    The inner chola comes out on occasion