Pancit is one of my favorite things to eat. So much so that I have a list, 3 of which is my ultimate favorite - batil patong.
  1. Ilocos
    There's an almost-makeshift restaurant along the shore where the Bangui windmills stand, and where the best batil patong I've had was (and hopefully is still) served.
  2. Dap-Ay
    Recently-discovered, biking-distance from home, would-do-in-a-pinch batil patong in Cubao. Tastes authentic because the owner is from the north.
  3. Baguio
    This is from a carinderia along Loakan road (I think) that's a walking distance from where we always stay when in Baguio. I remove the bell peppers though.
  4. Delicious Restaurant's special miki bihon
    I take a large order home whenever I'm in the Binondo area.
  5. Dolora's
    My favorite place to call for bilaos of pancit palabok for office parties.
  6. Yang Chow's cha misua
    My friend's aunt made the best cha misua I've had. This one's more accessible.
  7. Char Kway Teow
    I haven't found a favorite place but every single one I've tried in Singapore was delish.