It's been an uneven and very rainy week. And it looks like I'm gonna be sick this weekend 🤒
  1. Suicide Squad
    I really, really, really enjoyed watching Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn as much as I really, really, really hate Jared Leto's Joker. HATE.
  2. Leslie Jones Olympic twitter feed
    10 second clips with hilarious and honest commentary. A tv network noticed and sent her to Rio.
  3. Sky Broadband
    I know a lot of people hate Sky but I think their service depends on location somehow? We've never had any major issue at home. Best decision I've made was to finally upgrade to 8MBPS because I have been...
  4. Working from home
    I'm very fortunate that work allows me to telecommute, which was really helpful this week of seemingly neverending rain. Working in your pajamas, without a bra, is really underrated.
  5. Smash Up
    This week's Tabletop Thursday game. Duke's copy included a lot of the expansion packs so there's infinite playability. Will play again (hopefully).