I know this is such a technical way of naming stuff but I'm a coder at heart so bite me.
  1. Moleskine
    Last year, I collected Starbucks stickers just to be able to get the Moleskine planner. I loved it. This year, I was lucky enough to be gifted with the same (Moleskine but non-Starbucks) one.
  2. Grabcar
    I was a dedicated uber customer for the longest time until they fucked up a bunch of my billings and I got to experience their shitty support service. I shifted to grabcar and so far, so good. Still crossing my fingers.
  3. Sherlock
    The last episode was so long ago I forgot what has happened. Still happy it's back.
  4. Phone
    Do people still have landline phones? It's so hard to find a unit nowadays. I needed one that worked with a headset for conference calls I'll be taking when I work from home permanently starting this month. I found one that works but it doesn't have a mute button. It's ok for now but the hunt continues.
  5. Bright Lights
    I was lucky to catch the world premiere this morning on HBO. When you see it, you'll also understand why Carrie and Debbie died within days of each other. Now I'm also curious what happens to Gary the dog. She brought him everywhere! 💔