I don't like that li.st removed drafts. It's where I save stuff I liked for the week because I forget.
  1. Kong
    It was a fun creature movie but as a once (wannabe) photographer, I had issues with Brie's character: 1. Her hair was flying all over the place; 2. For someone on that kind of island, she did not take enough pictures. Granted she used film, but she had a bag full of rolls. I would have photographed every inch of that place.
  2. Magical tumbler
    I left my cold drink tumbler during a commute and was happily surprised that the driver of the vehicle returned it to our house. I've lost that tumbler so many times and it always finds its way back to me. Magical.
  3. Lava Cheese Tarts
    The best one out of all the ones I've tried. This is their gorgonzola with honey.
  4. Love You to Bits
    Apple's free app of the week. From the same makers of Tiny Thief and it's of the same genre of puzzle solving game. I'm prolonging its life by doing a max of 2 levels per day, and still I'm close to finishing the damn thing.
  5. BBC interview viral video
    That gif of Marion kelly busting into her dad's office makes me laugh-smile everytime.
  6. Beauty and the Beast Saturday
    The live-action remake was kinda meh (tbh, I had no interest in seeing it) but happy I got to spend some time with my girlfriends.
  7. iPod
    I don't use spotify but still want my whole music library with me always. I mourned the death of my iPod along with the subsequent killing of it by Apple. So when my friend discovered his old iPod still functioning, I agreed to buy it from him. I got it yesterday (he's in the US) and I'm so happy.