A lot of stuff this week.
  1. Dave Chappelle's Netflix Specials
    I haven't see the 3rd one yet but I already know my favorite's the Age of Spin.
  2. Calbee
    They make the best junk food with the weirdest flavors you didn't think you'd like but you'd be addicted to.
  3. Schweppes
    Schweppes to me is the Calbee of sodas. I tried the mint and lime mojito(?) this time around.
  4. Ferry from Macau to HKIA
    I had a flight to Singapore so I had to take a ferry from Macau going to HK and I thought I had to take the train to the airport once we docked. I was stressed about the payment because of the money changing situation, and was so relieved when I found out my flight's included in the list of allowed airlines for the ferry going straight to the airport. I know this is a lot to say about a ferry but it really made my life easier.
  5. Tax refund at HKIA
    Even better is I was given a tax refund (for some reason) when I got to HKIA. My dinner's free! Whee!
  6. Bumping into a friend at the HKIA
    It seems I always bump into Chris at the unlikeliest of places. The last time it was while walking around Senado Square in Macau.
  7. Lockdown SG
    We went to solve one of those mystery rooms at the request of my friend's 11-yr old son (my godson) for his birthday. We managed to get out of the room but went about 5mins past the alloted hour to solve. It was fun solving the puzzles and figuring out the clues.
  8. Group Therapy
    Funny name for a restaurant but the food's good. I had the skinny eggs ben. I had a taste of my friend's sheperd's pie - also good.
  9. Scoop Therapy
    Not associated with the restaurant above, if you can believe it. I had the "London Fog", an earl grey tea-flavored ice cream. Really good.
  10. Piedra Negra
    Had beers at Haji Lane and had good quesadillas here. Good nachos and margaritas too.
  11. Coldplay
    I wasn't really a huge fan and was sort of just got dragged into watching them with friends, which was the perfect setup for the whole thing because I had super low expectations. It turned out to be a bit of a religious experience especially after hearing Fix You. It wasn't even my favorite Coldplay song but I suddenly found myself bawling when that guitar riff started, it was almost an out-of-body experience. (@listbot why does this have a limit? This was supposed to be a longer writeup)