1. Wonder Woman
    I was crying every other minute. I have a few nitpicks but it was just so good it doesn't matter.
  2. Game of Thrones card game
    Very easy game play but it just eats up a huge table space.
  3. Jack finally getting off his cone
    His sutures were removed this week and the wound healed nicely. Still waiting for the biopsy result though 🤞
  4. Instagram Stories
    Finally admitted to myself this week that hi, my name is Kitkat, and I'm addicted to instagram stories. Both posting and looking at my friends'.
  5. Bizu's croissant loaf
    I think this might even be better than Bread Talk's premium toast.
  6. Mac's In the Buff nail polish
    Got this from a friend's "garage sale" and it's the most boring shade of mocha. I love it.