1. CAH packs
    Dunno why people hate this game so much. I still find it funny and was happy to see extension packs being sold locally.
  2. Sunday
    Got a lot of chores done - changed my room's broken doorknob, get my monthly facial, cooked lunch, cooked dog food for the month, bathed dogs, prepared lunch to bring to work tonorrow, also prepared breakfast for tomorrow
  3. Needling @ Polarity
    Went back to my PT for the issues on the left part of my body. I don't know why I get imbalanced. I think he got frustrated over my IT band that he finally suggested needling on my knee, and it felt so much better after wards. He also fixed my left shoulder issue. I'm ready to work outnext week, but will still have to go easy.
  4. Free shirt
    Finally had time to go to the post office last Friday to pick up my prize tshirt from 1secondeveryday, which I won for my entry last April. Hurray for free stuff! Fits nicely too!
  5. Menstrual Pants
    My period as of late has been more intense that overnight pads no longer keep everything in. These are basically adult diapers and I don't know why it's taken me so long to try. Can't go back to overnight pads now.
  6. Dunkirk
    I think this is the first movie we were able to watch on iMax and I don't know how to go back to regular movie now. Dolby and 2D will look and sound like shit to us now.