Spotty internet yesterday so I got to this list just now.
  1. Free Netflix
    My cellphone service provider gave me a 6-month subscription to Netflix for free! I know this is their way of pulling me in and getting me to be a subscriber. We shall see. I'm just gonna enjoy this for now. The next 2 things are offshoots of this.
  2. Atypical
    I really liked the dynamics of the main character and his sister. It didn't look forced, cheesy, or schmaltzy. Jennifer Jason Leigh was an ok mom but for some reason she has this acting tic that puts me off. I don't know what it is.
  3. Defenders
    I did not watch Luke Cage and Iron Fist but I'm still watching this for Jessica Jones (the caharacter), Kristen Ritter (the actor), and Charlie Cox (the actor) but not so much Daredevil (the character). I've only watched the first episode so far before I had to leave for the beach.
  4. Beach
    We had a long weekend due to a holiday so we went to Baler for the town fiesta. So much food OMG. There were no waves so we didn't get to surf but it was still a nice getaway.