1. "Wait, wait! Don't kill me!"
    A series of podcasts from Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape that turned Serial's 1st season into a musical. It is fucking genius.
  2. Foo Fighters
    I flew to Singapore to watch their concert and they did not disappoint. I hardly brought my phone out and cried at the most random songs while jumping and dancing and sweating and laughing. It was the best.
  3. Yayoi Kusama
    Since I was already there, I made sure to make it to the National Gallery to see this exhibit and it was a lovely afternoon spent looking at her obssessive art.
  4. Ridhwan (?) the Busker
    Met up with friends after the exhibit to have some beer and listen to this very good busker singing the most random dance-able songs on the street in front of the "bar". It was a good night.
  5. Lau Pa Sat
    Went her for satay and dimsum and everything was delicious. Especially when paired with ice cold beer.
  6. Uncle
    I had a sweet uncle who drove me to the airport who reminded me to check if I had my passport and ticket with me. (Uncles are what Singaporeans call their taxi drivers or any old man, I think).