1. North Face
    My workplace arranged for North Face to have a special sale for us employees and I kinda went nuts and bought trek pants, fleece jacket, and a windbreaker for an upcoming trip.
  2. Personal Records
    It was fun watching 2 friends getting their PRs on their deadlifts this week.
  3. Calamansi Lemongrass Turmeric juice
    Bought from a bus reststop in Bulacan. Can drink everyday.
  4. Roasting marshmallows
    There haven't been a lot of bonfires in my life, and I'm glad someone brought marshmallows to the summit this morning. It was magical.
  5. Coda Bus Line
    Only this weekend did I find out that there's now a bus going directly to Bontoc/Sagada. I found it funny there's plastic bags hanging off the baggage stow for passengers to use as barf bags. Funny but helpful!
  6. Halsema highway
    It was my first time going to Baguio from Bontoc and the view was just lovely especially at Busuiga(?) Benget.