1. Manchester by the Sea
    Heartbreaking. Casey's performance is a study in restraint.
  2. Bread
    I'd eat at Texas Roadhouse again just for the free rolls. Best when hot off the oven but still good the next day when you take some home.
  3. Philippine Art Fair
    The art overload becomes overwhelming after the 5th booth. What I really wanted to take home was this table of elements...uh...table that an art gallery staff uses.
  4. Arrival
    I liked Denis Villeneuve's Sicario. After watching this, I really like him now. Though I wonder how this story reads as a novella(?) (by Ted Chiang).
  5. Lush
    I really liked their Curly Wurly shampoo (made especially for curly hair). Then I tried their R&B hair moisturizer because I don't use any conditioner. I find my hair less dry now. If only they weren't so goddamn expensive.