1. Longganisa Ride
    Biked with 3 friends to Nueva Ecija for ~120km one-way. It was a steady ride with nary a cloud in sight so it was very very hot. Left house at 3am, reached our friend's house at 1pm. Best lunch to date. I think I had 3 or 4 servings of rice with inihaw na tilapia, the best longganisa, inihaw na manok and liempo, and fried eggplant. With ice cold coke of course.
  2. Nueva Ecija longganisa
    The one we bought in Sta. Rosa market was the best. The ones from Cabanatuan we took home were good too.
  3. Long weekend
    This was the happiest week. Super long weekend plus 2 consecutive days of payroll payouts. Woot!
  4. Moxie ballet flats
    A little pricey for plain shoes but theirs have the softest calf leather and your feet won't feel a thing from breaking them in.
  5. Machi Koro
    Super easy game play for a dice and card game. Though you kind of get the trick to winning after just a few rounds.
  6. Bangles
    Got a pair of giniling bangle-lookalikes. Now regretting I didn't get more.