1. This Nike shirt
    because Tita always knows.
  2. The Crown
    If you still haven't seen this...why?
  3. Before the Flood
    It's always depressing watching climate change documentaries. It feels hopeless and useless trying to do something to make a dent. I guess that's the point? That we still try.
  4. This is Us
    Opening song of the 1st episode was Sufjan Stevens. I really had no choice but to auto-like. Can't stand Mandy Moore though.
  5. Salomon sale
    Buy a pair and get the 2nd pair for 5 pesos. Lucky I got the last pairs for the women's style.
  6. Ben's castration
    I'm happy the operation went well. It's the next few days I'm dreading while we tend to the suture wound. Also crossing my fingers the biopsy comes out clean.
  7. Cold-Brewed Coffee
    Got the right ratio of water to coffee grounds the first try. I think I'll be having this during summertime.