1. Colourpop lipstick
    A gift from a kikay friend
  2. Citi ATM
    Painless replacement process when I realized I have misplaced the ATM card for my payroll account. Just called the hotline on a Thursday and got my new card the following Monday. I now realize this must be the same process when you lose your credit card. Is this the same process for other bank's savings account ATM cards or am I right in thinking they still make you go to the branch and provide a notarized affidavit of loss?
  3. Dinners with friends
    It's the peak week! The traffic's a pain but seeing friends is always nice.
  4. Bon Bahn Mi
    It's just a stall in Makati but it serves cheap but good sandwiches.
  5. Peking duck
    Conned coworkers last Thursday into getting a whole peking duck for lunch. Delicious.
  6. Single Origin's 18hr cold pressed coffee
    The one I had had a chocolate-y undertone.
  7. Dec 17, Saturday
    It was a magical day for friendship ❤️