It's Christmas week!
  1. Jipan
    I've never had bad bread from this bakery but the matcha mini croissants were particularly lovely.
  2. Noche Buena WOD
    After 4 years with cfmnl, this has been the first time I've done this. It got me super fucked but it was super duper fun.
  3. Hey Handsome
    I didn't mind paying because I really enjoyed everything we ordered. Really really good food that showed a lot of thought were put into it. Get the duck or the fish. DON'T pass up on the soft tofu.
  4. Organix Coconut Curls shampoo
    I don't use conditioner on my hair but this makes my hair feel like I do.
  5. Real-Martin
    A lovely weekend spent out of busy Manila to attend the wedding of 2 dear friends with the company of some of my favorite people. I've seen pictures of the reception venue and I've always thought it was the garden/backyard of a private residence. Lovely place.
  6. Grilled baby squid
    Just discovered from the Gerry's Grill menu. Skip the grilled squid, go for their babies.
  7. Rogue One
    I enjoyed this more than episode 7. I hope it comes back to cinemas after MMFF because I think I missed a lot of easter eggs.
  8. No-gift Christmas
    I literally did not buy a single Christmas gift this year. On dinner or lunch meetups with friends, I just picked up the tab and told them that was my "gift". What a load off.