1. Changed my own bike tires
    With the help of a friend, I finally put on the new tires on the fixie. It's been hanging at home for about a year now, just gathering dust. When we put the tires back, the tube of the rear tire got punctured so I got to put on a new one (on my own) while the old one got vulcanized. Achievement unlocked!
  2. United Coffee's Apple Crumble Cheesecake
    The best of both worlds in a single slice of heaven.
  3. Gérard Bertrand Cabernet Sauvignon
    Ron and Fifi's red wine at their wedding. I think I finished the bottle of our table's. The hunt begins.
  4. Aquazorb Hair-Drying Turban
    Adding this new element kind of wrecks my body-drying process flow after taking a bath, but what the hell. I'm embracing my titahood by thinking that adding a towel in my life constitutes an adventure.
  5. Camera+ 8 update note
    I use this one instead of the iOS camera because it provides more control. But sometimes I think I keep this app just for the entertaining update notes.
  6. #BastardBowl