1. Ron's porchetta
  2. Leony's palabok pino
    Olie brought a bilao of this to the lomonorth/south get-together. The thick sauce mixed with the thin noodles makes for a yummy pancit that's better than Dolora's. Too bad they don't do deliveries.
  3. The Awl newsletter
    I don't read the site regularly but I read somewhere that the newsletter's good. I forgot I subscribed til I discovered the past deliveries in my spam folder. Yep, they're a pretty entertaining read.
  4. MMFF
    Oh to hope that the next years' selections will be as good as this year's, or better. I liked the 3 out of the 4 I planned to watch - Die Beautiful (a lot of clichès but the 2 leads more than make up for it), Sunday Beauty Queen (buckets of tears!), Saving Sally (a cross between 500 Days of Summer and Scott Pilgrim). I was sadly disappointed with Seklusyon, it was beautifully made but I just did not like the story.
  5. OJ Simpson: Made in America
    An ESPN documentary that tries to explain how one of the greatest injustices in criminal history happened by showing the context of the racial climate during the trial.
  6. Sonja's donuts
    Fluffy fried doughs pumped with just the right amount of light custard.