1. Indoor Cycling at Electric Studio
    Took advantage of my being in the Makati area last Monday to finally try this latest "craze"(?). Got a slot in their 430pm class and it was intense, yo! Mind that this is coming from someone who works out (and bikes!) regularly. Definitely not for the faint of heart.
  2. Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards
    This week's game for Tabletop Thursdays at work. The cards and dice and other miscellany appears overwhelming and intimidating but I found it was a relatively simple game once we started playing. The funny nomenclature and intricate artwork adds to the enjoyment too.
  3. Finding Dory
    A heartwarming and funny movie worthy of the Pixar brand, but I still found Finding Nemo to be the better installment.
  4. Oral History of Die Hard
    This was an instant Kindle buy for me after kottke posted it on his blog. Because really, how can I not?
  5. GoT finale
    Every week I have an entry here for something or someone from the show but I really really love this season and even think it's the best one yet. Maybe it's because of the rah rah girl power theme, but it really is true - we get shit done yo!
  6. This picture
    Still wary of this presidency but I can't help but love this picture ❤️