This week I appreciated "stuff" more than actual things
  1. Beginner's luck
    I enjoyed winning as a first-time player against the 2 who taught me the game more than I enjoyed playing the actual game, Valeria.
  2. Snatch and overheads week at the box
    2 of my most hated movements with the bar, and which I avoid once the workout gets posted every morning. Both requires peak mobility and arm and shoulder strength. Both of which I sorely lack. So it was good I was "forced" to do these movements so that I improve somehow. I don't hate them as much now.
  3. Ride to UPLB
    It was a hot and humid Sunday and the ride up PCCARD was a punishing climb. I felt my thighs hardening up on the ride home starting at Sta. Rosa, I think. It didn't escalate to cramps, thank god. Despite this, I'm glad I went because these rides prepare me for the much, much longer rides we have planned. Which brings us to...
  4. Monday
    Woke up with nary a sore muscle in my body. ZERO. Like I did not just ride a bike for a whole day. Like my thighs were not just slayed by the ~150kms. I woke up confident I can take on much longer rides. I even managed to work out that night. This is what I have been working towards my body to achieve.
  5. Liberty
    Everything we ordered at this new bar in Eastwood was delish. I saw a vacuum-sealing machine in the open kitchen so I think they sous vide their meats, which explains their super tender lengua skewers.
  6. Politricks
    Bought this proudly Pinoy-made game at Laruan as a birthday gift and it was a hit! Yay!