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@jon , this is for you, and for anybody else who wanna know some mo' about pandora. As you can probably tell, I really genuinely ❤️ Pandora.
  1. Pandora is the only streaming music service that's powered by actual people, aka the Music Genome Project
    A whole slew of music curators listen to every single piece of music that's included on pandora and code it according to over 400 attributes. This allows pandora to give you the most customized station experience ever.
  2. Pandora One (the paid service) is like, super reasonable ($4.99/month) that $4.99 buys you no ads and a super premium sound quality (higher bit rate for P1 subscribers)
  3. Pandora's genre stations are awesome, both in breadth and depth. Ex: Pride, 90s, Chill out, Indie Pop, studying, etc- pretty much any category you can conceive.
  4. Pandora was started (and continues to be led) by Tim Westergren, who is a musician and really cares about listener feedback. You can email him, and he'll respond in kind.
  5. Pandora is all about music discovery: if you know what songs and artists you love, great! Seed stations with them, and let the music genome suggest more music based on your personal taste.
  6. The more you thumb (up or down), the more customized your stations will be.
    Our analysts and curators use your thumb activity to suggest the songs that will tickle yo fancy best. The worst thing you can do on Pandora is not interact with thumbs or skips, as it provides little info about what floats your musical boat.
  7. Pandora's comedy stations are urrytang. Run, don't walk, and create an Amy Schumer station (or another comedic genius) and get ready to laugh your tucchus off.
  8. Pandora is constantly optimizing and improving the user experience so that your listening sessions evolve
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  9. Pandora is in all ten of the top 10 cars, making your hellish commute a tad bit more bearable
  10. Pandora has created thousands of jobs for Americans, and the company is growing like whoa
    Granted, we are only in the U.S., AUS. & NZ, (for now), but there's something to be said for being an American-based company, founded here and generating incremental job growth for the economy.
  11. Pandora throws free concerts for super fans, including you!
    We do custom events all the time, and invite attendees based on geography, demo, etc. the people who were invited to a concert we did with Celine dion recently are still kvelling about it.
  12. Add variety!
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  13. You can tell Pandora when you're over a song
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  14. Rather than seed your stations with artists you like, try seeding them with specific songs - you'll get better recommendations accordingly
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  15. Bae! Obsessed with you! Also I want a list of stations that you and only you would be in charge of curating.
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