Craziest Faces Made Whilst Playing Pro Tennis

Wimbledon brings out the best in tennis. And also this.
  1. Introducing....lord of darkness
  2. Poor Sara errani....
  3. Classic nasal wedgie shot
  4. One more
  5. Wow - remind me not to walk into you in a dark alley
  6. Not gasquet's cutest effort
  7. Don't be scurred, gurl!!
  8. You too, Andy Roddick
  9. Definitely serving some beaver real ness here
  10. Oh ANDY what happened girl?
  11. Marcos Baghdatis workin it
  12. Svetlana Kuznetsova don't play, yo. She also likes braids and looking vaguely like an Orc.
  13. And finally - nasal and his permawedge