Granted, my knowledge of Dutch is about as useful as a computer with no internet, but allow me to share some Netherlandic linguistic gems witchew
  1. "neuken in de keuken"
    This basically means "shtupping in the kitchen." It can be used as a pick-up line as follows: "wil je in de keuken neuken?" Try it TODAY!
  2. "Geitsik met vanillevla"
    This is very lewd and basically means "vagina" but WAY dirtier and more offensive. Use with caution, and/or freely with someone you dislike
  3. "Mierenneuken"
    This literally means "ant-fucking," and is similar to nit-picking in English. Someone who nit-picks would be "een Mierenneuker."
  4. "Slagroom"
    Don't worry! This word sounds awful but means "whipped cream" or "custard."
  5. "Poepenol"
    Always useful, and means "asshole." Next time someone cuts you off on the 405, yell this instead!
  6. Pannekoeken or krabsalat?
    You want pancakes or crabsalad?
    Suggested by @vp