Favorite Judges➕

Weigh on in!
  1. Ginsburg
  2. Judy
    Still mean/tells it like it is in her own subjective opinion
  3. Wapner
    RIP people's court
  4. Lance Ito
    RIP OJ trial
  5. Souter
    You go miss thing!
  6. Harry stone
    RIP night court
  7. Paula Abdul
    Miss you betch
  8. All those liberal judges who were like, "ummm, I'm overturning this fucking ban on same-sex marriage"
  9. Mike Judge?
    Suggested by   @Jed
  10. Milian.
    Suggested by   @abbyzeecee
  11. Judge Vaughn Walker
    Overturned California Prop 8. Also occasionally gets coffee at our local coffee shop so we're friendly with him. http://bit.ly/1FXhjTQ
    Suggested by   @eatthelove
  12. Mills Lane!
    When I first read To Kill a Mockingbird, this is how I pictured Atticus Finch. Then I saw Gregory Peck and was delighted at the improvement.
    Suggested by   @jfout