Weigh on in!
  1. Ginsburg
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  2. Judy
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    Still mean/tells it like it is in her own subjective opinion
  3. Wapner
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    RIP people's court
  4. Lance Ito
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    RIP OJ trial
  5. Souter
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    You go miss thing!
  6. Harry stone
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    RIP night court
  7. Paula Abdul
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    Miss you betch
  8. All those liberal judges who were like, "ummm, I'm overturning this fucking ban on same-sex marriage"
  9. Mike Judge?
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    Suggested by @Jed
  10. Milian.
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    Suggested by @abbyzeecee
  11. Judge Vaughn Walker
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    Overturned California Prop 8. Also occasionally gets coffee at our local coffee shop so we're friendly with him. http://bit.ly/1FXhjTQ
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  12. Mills Lane!
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    When I first read To Kill a Mockingbird, this is how I pictured Atticus Finch. Then I saw Gregory Peck and was delighted at the improvement.
    Suggested by @jfout